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        Light hydrocarbon

        To use 輕烴Light hydrocarbon is the raw material of light hydrocarbon gas, can be made into combustion gas heating, we commonly known as mixed air light hydrocarbon gas. Light hydrocarbon mixture gas is refers to the light hydrocarbon liquid through my company's patented product "light hydrocarbon gasification equipment" its gasification in physical way, and with a certain proportion according to the requirements of process air mixing, through the fuel gas pipeline network to the user, including by liquid into gas light hydrocarbon components at least not less than 13% (V %), can also according to the requirement of the user gas stoves of gas parameters and adjust the proportions.

        The calorific value of liquid light hydrocarbon is 10800kcal/kg, and the amount of gas produced is inversely proportional to the calorific value of gas. For example, to reach the calorific value of 5400kcal/m3, 2 cubic meters of light hydrocarbon gas will be generated per kilogram of light hydrocarbon. To reach 7000kcal/m3, 1.54 m3 of light hydrocarbon gas is produced per kg of light hydrocarbon.
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