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        English name Pyridine 吡啶
        Alias Pyridine anhydrous; Azabenzene; Pyridin; Pyr
        Molecular formula C5H5N
        Molecular weight 79.1
        CAS No. 110-86-1
        RTECS No. UR8400000
        UN No. 1282
        Physical and chemical properties Dangerous Goods Code : 32104
        IMDG page: 3277
        appearance: Colorless or yellowish liquid with foul odor.
        melting point: -42 ℃
        boiling point: 115.3℃
        purity: 99.9%
        relative density(water=1): 0.98
        relative density(gas=1):2.73
        solubility: Soluble in water, alcohol, ether and other organic solvents.
        combustibility: Lower explosive limit(V%): 1.7 upper explosive limit(V%): 12.4
        To use Pyridine is an important organic chemical raw material, widely used in the extraction of pesticides, medicine, dyes, surfactants, synthetic resins, morphine and coffee.
        In the pesticide industry, pyridine is mainly used in the production of herbicides paraquat and Dioxin, etc., which has been widely used in the world in recent years. Pyridine is also used in the production of insecticides chlorpyrifos and methyl chlorpyrifos, which are broad-spectrum insecticides. Pyridine is also the raw material of inulin, an indispensable active component in insecticidal aerosols, and one of the insecticides recommended by the World Health Organization for use in homes and public places. In addition, pyridine is also used to produce propargyl and plant growth regulator.
        Pyridine is also an important pharmaceutical raw material. For example, in the production of antihistamines and detoxification drugs, pyridine is used to absorb the chlorine produced. In penicillin production, pentadyl pyridine bromide was used as protein precipitator. Pyridine is used as demulsifier in aureomycin extraction. There are also some drugs based on pyridine as raw material or solvent. There are more than ten kinds of pyridine related to twenty kinds of chemicals produced in China.
        In the production of dyes, pyridine is mainly used to produce blue BB, blue RR, disperse blue S-RB, soluble reducing blue IBC, soluble reducing grey IBL, etc., with a small amount.
        Pyridine is also widely used as an extractant for morphine and coffee, pyridine salt is also used as a textile lubricant, and the quaternary amine salt of pyridine bromide is a good cationic surfactant. In addition, pyridine in synthetic resin, rubber additives industry also has applications.
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