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        English name iso-octyl alcohol;iso-octanol 異辛醇
        CAS No. 104-76-7
        Molecular formula C8H18O
        Physical and chemical properties main component: pure product
        appearance: clear liquid
        melting point(℃): -76
        boiling point(℃): 185-189
        relative density(water=1): 0.835
        flashing point(℃): 77
        To use It is mainly used as raw material of PVC plasticizer
        Octanol is mainly used in the system of phthalic acid ester and aliphatic dibasic acid esters plasticizer such as phthalate dioctyl dioctyl ester, azelaic acid and sebacic acid dioctyl ester, etc., were used as a primary plasticizer and plastic hardy plasticizer, defoaming agent, dispersant, dressing agent and oil filling agent, also used in printing and dyeing, paint, film, etc.
        Notes High temperature, strong oxidizer is dangerous to burn. Available galvanized iron drum or tank car, room temperature storage and transportation, to prevent exposure.
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