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        Alias thyl chloride; Aethylchlorid [German]; Aethylchloride [German]; Aethylis chloridum; Anodynon; CCRIS 3349; Chloorethaan [Dutch];  氯乙烷
        CAS No. 75-00-3
        Molecular formula C2H5Cl
        Molecular weight 64.52
        Physical and chemical properties a colorless gas with an ether-like odor
        To use It is used as raw materials for tetraethyl lead, ethyl cellulose and ethyl carbazole dyes. It is also used as smoke agent, refrigerant, local anesthetic, insecticide, ethylating agent, olefin polymerization solvent, gasoline aseismic agent, etc. It is also used as catalyst for polypropylene, solvent for phosphorus, sulfur, grease, resin, wax, etc. Synthesis of pesticides, dyes, medicines and their intermediates.
        Explosive danger This product is flammable and irritating.
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